"Trent Austin is rapidly becoming a poster boy for the new breed of professional trumpeter; a virtuoso who's equally facile in a number of languages and a fearless exponant of creative music. He also really swings! Trent is a skilled and committed teacher. Both of my sons have worked with him and his energy and dedication are impressive indeed."  

Edward Carroll Coordinator of Brass Studies, CalArts School of Music Associate Professor, Schulich School of Music, McGill University Lecturer, Dartmouth College Director, the Center for Advanced Musical Studies


"Dear Trent, Just loved having you organize the ITG Jam Sessions here at Rowan University in Glassboro New Jersey. In addition, hearing you perform was just fantastic. Your great style, energy, chops and warm personality really made the sessions an excellent experience for both audience and players! I hope to hear you again soon."

Bryan Appleby-Wineberg Asst. Prof. of Trumpet and Brass Rowan University 2006 ITG Conference Host

"Trent is a gifted musician, a superbly thorough teacher and an upbeat, solid person. He is exactly the kind of accomplished, high quality individual we seek to work with the aspiring young musicians at our summer music camp (Camp Encore/Coda in Sweden, Maine). Trent has done a fabulous job teaching for us and we recommend him with great enthusiasm to anyone seeking more knowledge about trumpet or jazz improvisation. You'll learn a lot and have a great time!"

James Saltman Director Camp Encore-Coda www.encore-coda.com

"Good Morning, Trent, What a fabulous time my students and former students had with you while in Natchitoches. You especially touched Carlos and Ryan rather musically. This was a weekend filled with activities for many people and you brought musical pleasure to them.Our dress rehearsal, clinic, jazz session, the downtown big bandperformance, and the evening concert were all good activities for my guys. You are a phenomenal musician, Trent and you will definitely go down in the books among the creative and innovative style setters. From our first meeting last summer, it was you energy and passion for playing music for others that captured my attention. You inspired me. I am going to get one of your photos from your site and blow it up for my wall. Now you are up there with our mentor, Maynard, along with Mike Williams, Byron, Niklas Eklund, Cichowicz, and Bud. Again, you were absolutely sensasional, Trent."

Galindo Rodriguez Director of Jazz Studies Northwestern State University Natchitoches, Louisiana.


"Hey Trent! Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say an enormous THANK YOU for a wonderful clinic! My students and I found the entire experience to be extremely rewarding! You filled in many gaps for my students as they work their way down the road as young improvisers. Your warmth, personal stories, experiences with international pros, and even self-deprecating humor both engaged students and made them feel at ease. My students still comment today on your outstanding trumpet playing that was continually infused throughout the clinic and painted a clear picture of the concepts that you presented. You presented a clinic that kept a room of 50+ high school students of varied skill levels and instrumentation rapt in attention. I was very appreciative of the fact that you did not talk superficially about concepts, but instead gave very specific and practical advice and activities to address the various aspects of jazz improvisation. You also gave several students a chance to play for each other and model the concepts you addressed while also giving them constructive feedback on their work. This meant a lot to these students. I wanted to share the following email I got from the parent of a young trumpet player the next morning: "Paul came home so pumped after your session yesterday. He pulled his trumpet out and played in the garage right after we pulled in. And it lasted all evening. So, whatever you guys did, thanks!" THANKS TRENT! Doug I also wanted to thank you and IAJE for sponsoring this outstanding program. As you can see we had a really satisfying experience. You picked a great clinician! Thanks!!!"

Steve Scott Wellesley High School


"Trent, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I (and my students) appreciated you coming to our school last November. The comments on the master class you gave on improvisation have all been fantastic. I'm hearing great comments from advanced players and some of the younger ones as well. You have found a way to address a very complex issue (jazz improvisation) with an audience of different degrees of skill level in such a way that everybody gets something out of it. Way to go, and thanks! From a personal (and selfish) standpoint I had a blast playing with you on the evening recital. My trumpet festival ( UWP Brass Blast) turned into a pretty long few days for you with recital rehearsals, student lessons, master class and performance. Your positive and supportive attitude was a joy to be around. (Especially considering your travel schedule prior to coming to Wisconsin!) The very next time I have an opportunity to bring in a guest artist, you are at the top of my list."

Dave Cooper Eclipse Trumpet Artist Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies University of Wisconsin - Platteville cooperd@uwplatt.edu www.DavidCooperMusic.com


"Trent Austin is simply the best----he’s an exceptional player, a brilliant clinician, and a tremendous asset to kids. We’ve utilized his services a number of times, in both my “regular” and “summer” gigs, and he has never disappointed. Highly recommended!"

Brent LaCasce Director of Music Fryeburg Academy


"I don't know whose idea it was to hire jazz trumpeter Trent Austin to play the Bach Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F (BMV 1047) for Sunday's performance at USM's Abromson Center, but they should receive a medal if not a life pension. Austin's was the best performance of this fiendishly difficult trumpet part, which a majority shrug off as impossible... Austin played it the way Bach wanted, causing one of those instant standing ovations where no one hesitates to jump to their feet..."

Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald, 10/3/06


"Good day Ladies & Gentlemen; I wanted to take a brief moment to tell you all about the wonderful experience my students and I just had. I have been a band director for almost 10 years now. In that time, I have tried to share as many "real world" experiences with my students as possible. Most recently, I was able to invite a dear friend of mine to work and perform with several of my students. The story is well worth sharing. Trent Austin and I had been tossing around the idea of having him come down to Florida to work with my students for however long an engagement he was able to do. As it turned out, he was in the (general) area for only 48 hours. Nonetheless, I jumped at the chance to have him come out. I am sure that several of you know of Trent as an outstanding player. I am writing to attest to his abilities as an educator and clinician as well. My students (and I) learned a tremendous amount simply by listening to him play. Trent did 2 concerts with my big band during his visit. In addition, he presented clinics on practice habits, rehearsals, auditions, professional music, recording, public relations and even web design. Each clinic was well thought out, stimulating and thought provoking. Mr. Austin's ability to relate to ANY audience is truly outstanding. Those attending his clinics were just as captivated as those listening to him perform. Students and teachers alike found his presentations informative yet down to earth. Another faculty member (who knows little of the music business) said this: “Excellent job relating to high school students! Appreciated his prowess in connecting what students are learning in the classroom with job applicability.” Dr. Mark C. Malham, Career and Technical Education team leader and Web Designing teacher “We liked hearing about the opportunities for good web designers.” Alex S. High school senior I could type for hours regarding our experience but I will spare you that expense. I will say though; if you are ever in a position to bring in a guest artist or clinician, Trent Austin is the best I have come across! If you would like to hear further of our experiences, please contact me. I would be happy to share all of the positives we encountered!"

Timothy McGinley Director of Music Jensen Beach, FL


"From my perspective, Trent's residency went way beyond my expectations! The kids had an awesome time! Aside from what they learned, they had fun (which means they'll remember what they learned MUCH longer!). One of parents, who is a language arts teacher at the school, was VERY concerned about the amount of class time the kids would miss, but when all was said and done she had NOTHING but good things to say about the concert and what her son and the other kids she had talked to thought about the experience! I really liked that you ran the show--I was kind-of nervous about "doing my thing" in front of the masters! But more importantly, I think that really helped establish a good rapport between you and the kids!! I liked that you worked on charts that they already knew (or had least had a good start on!) so they had a better understanding of where we were "missing the mark"---rather that something completely new that might have been overwhelming in the 2 day time frame. Thanks again for everything! And please thank Tony and Sam. The quartet was awesome! (Emily & Jasper want to try upright bass!) Keep in touch!"

Heidi Anderson Brunswick, ME Middle School Music Director


"Trent, The Rocky Mountain Trumpet Fest organizing committee greatly appreciate your participation in the Trumpet Fest for 2006. Your master class and your performances in the jazz session were great and I know the students, pros, comeback players and all got something unique from your discussion. Thanks and we're looking forward to another great session for 2007."

Bill Spickler Rocky Mountain Trumpet Fest bill@spickler.net www.rockymountaintrumpetfest.org


"Trent, We just wanted to thank you once again for such a wonderful wedding performance. Your accompaniment with the church organist for the ceremony was fantastic - even though you two had just met that afternoon, it certainly sounded as if you had played together before. Our guests have paid us several compliments on the music for the ceremony - while we were a bit distracted at the time, we're fortunate to have the wedding video & soundtrack. We're so glad that we found you, and would certainly recommend you to any of our friends who are looking for a way to enhance their ceremony."

Jennifer & Mark Tramontana


"Trent Austin: World class musician! World class instructor/clinician! World class person! I could write for hours about Trent but why? The comments above say everything!"

Jack Clifford, Instumental Music Instructor, MSAD 48, Newport, Maine